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General Administration

General Administration (2019):

Father Andre DE BLEEKER,  General Archivist

Father Peter KOH, Treasurer General

Father Raul CAGGAUAUAN, Assistant Treasurer General

Father Raphael MUKENDI, Procurator General

Father Matthieu NDJEOK, Secretary General
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  • Comment Link Dr. Uwe Scharfenecker Tuesday, 19 May 2020 17:46 posted by Dr. Uwe Scharfenecker

    Dear Scheut Fathers,

    our diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart in the southwest of Germany is on the way to edit a new catalogue of the priests, who worked and work in our territory. In former years some CICM fathers belonged to this group. For some of them I'm on the way to find out when they died. I would be thankful if you can send me the dates for

    Dr. Georg Maertens (*1919, ord. 1943, Diocese of RS 1971/72, 1974-96)

    Michael Maertens (*1922, ord. 1947, Diocese of RS 1967-98)

    Franz Verhelst (1929-1997, PW 1953, Diocese of RS 1971-82, we don't know the day and month of his death)

    Thank you very much for your help. I'm the director of formation of our diocese, but also church historian. So I try the do this work in remembrance of all priests who gave their lives in the vineyard of the Lord

    Uwe Scharfenecker

  • Comment Link lut lambert Wednesday, 22 January 2020 16:44 posted by lut lambert

    my sun starts his internship of 4 months in Manila (Filipines).
    He has a problem to get a letter of endorsement to get his visum.

    Could you bring me in contact with the CICM house in Manila to ask Father Gerry if he can send this letter?

    This is an urgent question.
    Thank you for answering soon.

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