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    Communion increased among us

    After almost four weeks of work, labor, and tiring efforts, with meetings, talks, exchanges, reflections, a pleasant outing, dinners, celebrations, and long sittings, all this not without joy and happiness, we are coming to the end with these last concluding words, presented with the conviction that we have had a significant and intense General Chapter experience.

    Listening is aimed at understanding

    Let us commit ourselves to listening to each other in such a way that my listening is aimed at understanding the other person and letting their words mean what they mean to them, not what they mean to me.

    Discern God's will for CICM

    The joy of a religious missionary community animated by a spirit of fraternal communion is the right place to become passionate about and debate the best way to honor the task of guiding our common vocation and reflection as we put ourselves individually and collectively under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will for CICM.

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