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    The Logo to Honor the 200th Birth Anniversary of Father Théophile Verbist

    The Logo to Honor the 200th Birth Anniversary of Father Théophile Verbist

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    Since November 28, 2021, we have been celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of Father Théophile Verbist, our Founder. As we are celebrating the 199th birth anniversary (June 12, 2022), we are happy to unveil the logo the General Government approved to honor the 200th birth anniversary of Father Théophile Verbist (June 12, 2023).

    Art. 2 of our CICM constitutions, which states, “Just like our founder, each of us has heard the call of Christ: ‘Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Gospel to all creation” (Mk. 16:15)” is the logo backdrop for the bicentennial celebration of the birth of our Founder Fr. Théophile Verbist. The bicentennial logo conveys the spirit of the past, Verbist’s missionary call, and its relevance today.

    The cathedral-like icon represents the cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium, the birthplace of Théophile Verbist.

    The icon next to the high cathedral depicts the Great Wall of China, which was inspired by Verbist’s ardent desire to go to the mission and serve the Chinese orphans.

    The crescent vector shape reminds us that Verbist’s mission began in China and spread worldwide. Verbist’s missionary spirit to leave his home country to help people of different races inspired many others to follow in his footsteps, abandoning all to fulfill God’s call. Verbist’s mission is still very much alive today, as symbolized by the crescent shape. Every CICM’s core mission is to go wherever they are sent.

    Finally, Verbist’s visage reminds us that his model and spirit continue to guide this missionary Institute. 

    May this logo inspire all CICM from all over the world, from the great cities to far-flung rural places, as we celebrate One Heart and One Soul, our Founder’s bicentennial birth.