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    Our Mission Statement

    Our Mission Statement

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    At the initiative of the Father,
    sent by the Son,
    guided by the Spirit,

    inspired by Theophile Verbist our founder,
    who heard the call of the Lord
    and left his country
    to proclaim the Good News in China,

    enlightened by those who preceded us
    and who — like our founder —
    left their familiar surroundings
    to follow Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word,
    by integrating themselves into a foreign culture,
    and by living in solidarity with another people,

    enriched by those we serve,
    especially the poor who reveal to us the sin of the world
    and who help us discover the true meaning
    of God’s plan of love,

    We CICM missionaries

    of different races and cultures
    live and work together as brothers
    in order to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ
    wherever it is most needed.

    We achieve our mission

    when we facilitate
    the encounter between Jesus Christ and the ‘nations’.

    Our mission includes

    enabling people
    to experience the coming of the Kingdom
    — proclaimed by Jesus Christ —
    in their own God-given context.