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    Our dear departed

    Marcel Hauben

    Marcel Hauben

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    Marcel Hauben (1932-2021)Frederic Vital Mees small


    Born in Loncin (Belgium) on October 19, 1932.

    He was a missionary in Congo (Kinshasa) and Belgium.

    Died in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium) on October 15, 2021,

    at the age of 88.


    Marcel studied in Jambes, Leuven, and Kinshasa before earning a doctorate in theology in 1964 from the Alfonsiana in Rome. From then on, he was a dogmatic theology professor in the CICM formation house in Jambes. He was also a professor at Namur’s Major Seminary, a teacher at the Center for Theological and Pastoral Studies (1971-1972), and a guest lecturer at the École Théologique Saint-Cyprien in Cameroon.

    Marcel was pastor of Chastre-Dame-Aleme, Our Lady for the Archdiocese of Malines-Brussels, from 1968 to 2008. He was dean of Walhain from 2000 to 2017, pastor at Noirmont (Chastre), St. Peter (2001–2008), team moderator in Solidium of Chastre (2008-2015), and again Pastor at Chastre-Dame-Aleme, Our Lady (2008-2017) and Noirmont, St. Peter (2015-2017). Finally, he was appointed to the priestly team for the Chaumont-Gistoux pastoral unit from 2017 to 2021.

    Father Marcel was a brilliant individual. He was able to put his missionary charism to work for young confreres in formation. Teaching theology while experiencing Christ’s presence in his life was a grace and a fruitful gift for him. For many years, he was regarded as an outstanding theology professor who adhered to the teachings of the recently held Second Vatican Council.

    We cherish the treasured memory of an amazing shepherd to his parishioners that he has left for us. He cared deeply about the priests, deacons, and pastoral staff who were entrusted to his care. He was the first dean to apply for the new challenge of creating pastoral units in Walloon Brabant. He established himself as a pioneer in this field.

    Marcel is buried in our Zuun cemetery and remains with us his CICM confreres.

    May the Lord grant him eternal repose. 

    Alfons Ysebaert