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    Our dear departed

    Cornelis (Kees) Brouwer

    Cornelis (Kees) Brouwer

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    Frederic Vital Mees smallCornelis (Kees) Brouwer (1937-2022)


    Born in Hilversum (Netherlands)on December 3, 1937
    First vows on September 8, 1958
    Ordained a priest on August 4, 1963
    Missionary in Indonesia and the Netherlands.
    Died in Teteringen (Netherlands) on June 26, 2022,
    at the age of 84.

    Kees entered the boarding school of Sparrendaal in Vught to begin his secondary studies, which he completed in the summer of 1957. In September of the same year, he began his novitiate at Mgr. Hamer House in Nijmegen. Kees studied philosophy in Nijmegen and went to Leuven, Belgium, for his theological studies. He went to Indonesia as a missionary one year after his ordination. He was active for many years in Indonesia, first in Sulawesi, West Toraja, and Makassar, then in Jakarta.

    His confreres in Indonesia describe Kees as a spontaneous man who expressed his thoughts. They also described him as an artist who knew how to enjoy the good things in life and use his talents well. He showed his talents, particularly in implementing a project for catechesis and agriculture. This was a two-year course in which families received a solid religious education and practical training in agriculture for the men and domestic management for the women.

    Later, when Kees was working in Makassar, his talent as a remarkable photographer allowed him to produce a series of audio-visual slides that toured Indonesia.

    Kees could skillfully manage the finances and accounting with great kindness. He had used this skillful management talent in CICM (in Indonesia and the Netherlands).

    Kees fought against oral cancer in the last months of his life. He fought and fought bravely until cancer overtook him. It was at the house of Teteringen, surrounded by his confreres, on June 26, 2022.

    May he now rest in peace.  

    Theo Wynants et Henk Kaal