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    Our dear departed

    Lodewijk De Schutter

    Lodewijk De Schutter

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    Lodewijk De Schutter


    Born in Sint-Amands (Belgium) on November 1, 1934
    First vows on September 8, 1956
    Ordained a priest on August 6, 1961
    He was a missionary in the Philippines and Belgium.
    Died in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Belgium) on December 19, 2022, at the age of 88.


    At a very young age, Lodewijk was convinced that he was called to be a missionary and decided to join CICM. Following his formation, he was appointed to the Verbist Center’s animation team in Kessel-Lo. His superiors knew of his talents and abilities.

    Lodewijk knew how to tell stories. When you visited him, you never knew when you would leave him because he was an inspired and captivating speaker. It was a time when schools still held retreats for their students. And at these retreats, he could use his speaking skills. He discovered that one could also be a missionary in one’s own country.

    Lodewijk always dreamed of going to the Philippines, and in August 1965, he realized this dream. He was appointed as a seminary professor, parish co-pastor, and retreat facilitator in his dream country.

    Lodewijk was appointed to teach on the island of Negros in the southern Philippines. In fact, CICM had decided to begin missionary work in this part of the country to promote vocation work among the youth. After a few years, Lodewijk moved to Metro Manila, where he excelled in large parishes and schools.

    Lodewijk was transferred to Belgium, where he was appointed Retreat Facilitator for three years.

    Lodewijk returned to the Philippines and was appointed Director of the new CICM center in Maryhill, Taytay, where he remained until his final return to Belgium in 1996.

    After three years in Zuun as Treasurer and Councilor, Lodewijk was appointed Chaplain in Willebroek for ten years.

    Lodewijk gradually became less active as his health deteriorated and eventually retired first to Schilde and then to Zuun. He lived Toon Hermans’ words: “You don’t die all at once, but a little at a time... Then one day, you reach the end of your strength.”

    Lodewijk, you did not wait for Christmas to welcome the Lord, but you went to meet him. So may you now find comfort in His everlasting presence.

    Luc Colla