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    Our dear departed

    Adriaan De Poorter

    Adriaan De Poorter

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    Adriaan De PoorterAdriaan De Poorter (1939-2024)

    Born in Olsene on November 6, 1939.
    First vows on September 8, 1959.
    Ordained priest on August 2, 1964.
    Missionary in Congo (Kinshasa and Inongo) and in Belgium.
    Died in Torhout on Feb. 25, 2024, at the age of 84.

    Adriaan was born in Olsene into a large farming family where his father died young, and his mother had to keep the farm straight with seven children. There, he learned to work and speak the language of the contract workers, which was direct and sometimes a little rough.

    Adriaan attended two high schools in the town of Waregem. In 1958, he joined the novitiate, also known as “the peasant year,” because it had a large group of 66 novices. He made his vows in 1959 and then underwent priestly training until his ordination on August 2, 1964. The following year, he left for Congo to work in the diocese of Inongo. Unfortunately, he had to return to Belgium after five years due to health reasons. After a few years of service, he returned to Inongo but had to return to Belgium permanently in 1975 after staying there for only two years.

    Adriaan worked in two different fields during his career. Initially, he served as a chaplain for a scout group in Stasegem, and later, he worked in the special youth care for troubled young people at "Our Children" in Rumbeke. He became a pastor in Hansbeke and provided Sunday pastoral care in Retie for many years, which he enjoyed immensely.

    Aside from his pastoral work, Adriaan was also involved in various services in the Province. He was known for being a hard worker who was unafraid of challenges. He worked in the shipping procura in Scheut and drove pick-up trucks for World Missionary Aid from Boechout for many years. He also worked on a project to help Romania.

    In 2010, Adriaan's journey led him to Schilde, where he discovered a new passion-farming. His dedication and hard work were evident in the vegetable garden and greenhouse, where he toiled with pride and satisfaction.

    In October 2023, Janus was taken to Torhout for care as he was no longer as strong as he used to be. Despite his weakening strength, he had one remaining dream: to celebrate his 60th anniversary as a priest in Retie. Janus had invited 174 people to this celebration, and he was eagerly looking forward to it. The celebration was not just about having a good time but also about bringing together several families who had strained relationships with each other. Janus hoped that through the celebration, these families would reconcile, forget their past differences, and unite in the spirit of their grandparents and parents. Janus himself was like an earthen pot - fragile and brittle -. Still, through his cracks, he revealed a treasure that gradually became visible: his spirit of service, social conscience, and ability to sustain lasting friendships. Sadly, Janus has now passed away, and may he rest in peace. He can now sit at the banquet table that the Lord has prepared for him with abundant food.

    - Fernand Degroote