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    Regarding the Logo of the 16th General Chapter

    Regarding the Logo of the 16th General Chapter

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    The logo of the 16th General Chapter brings to life the theme: Witnessing to the Gospel in a Changing World.

    Cross: As the main element, it is a sign of contradiction: “a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles (1 Cor 1:23).” It is through the cross that Jesus laid down his life for our salvation. Ultimately, it is the sign of God’s infinite love for the world. To carry the cross is to witness to Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness. The cross is set on top of the world as an invitation to place God at the center of our lives and as a constant reminder of humility and self-giving.

    World: The sketch of the world reveals the identity of CICM as an international missionary congregation sent to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to different peoples and nations. The sketchy character of the world portrays the unprecedented challenges and changes in our world to which we are called to respond as missionaries.

    Four colors: The colors (turquoise, gold, blue and red) symbolize the four continents of Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, where CICM missionaries are currently working. In addition, these colors express the jovial character of our members and the vibrant life we celebrate as a religious institute.

    CICM: The bold CICM letters portray our missionary zeal and eagerness to continue the mission initiated by Théophile Verbist 160 years ago with renewed faith, joyful hope, and daring creativity.

    Eric Michael Imbao, CICM