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    The Provincial Assembly of the CICM Province of the België-Nederland (BNL)

    The Provincial Assembly of the CICM Province of the België-Nederland (BNL)

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    The CICM Province of the België-Nederland (BNL) held its Provincial Assembly from October 2 to 5, 2022, at the CICM House of Schilde in Belgium.

    The preparation of the 16th General Chapter (June 4–30, 2022, in Rome) was the primary purpose of the BNL Provincial Assembly. The participants focused their discussion on the three memos on Spirituality, Reconciliation, and Interculturality produced by our General Government.

    This Provincial Assembly also had the mission to elect the delegates and their substitutes to partake in the 2023 CICM General Chapter:

    • The Delegates

    1.     Martin Mvibudulu, Ex Officio

    2.     Thomas Hendrikus, 1st elected Delegate

    3.     André Kalumba, 2nd elected Delegate

    4.     Jacques Thomas, 3rd elected Delegate

    4.     Léonard Heyse, 4th elected Delegate

    • The Substitutes

    1.     Luc Colla, substitute, Ex Officio

    2.     Frans Van Humbeck, 1st elected Substitute

    3.     Sylvestre Mpia, 2nd elected Substitute

    4.     Jan Reynebeau, 3rd elected Substitute

    5.    Jozef Lapauw, 4th elected Substitute

    Loving God, (…),
    Send your Holy Spirit into our hearts as a seal on Jesus’ Mission for us today. So that this time of preparation for the 16th General Chapter may be for us a time of joyful hope and daring creativity.

    (Prayer for the 16th General Chapter)