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    Provincial Assembly in US Province

    Provincial Assembly in US Province

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    The CICM US Province held its Provincial Assembly from May 2 to 6, 2022, at the Dominion House, in Arlington, USA. Fr. John Pavlik, OFM Capuchin, as the Facilitator of the Assembly. The preparation of the 16th General Chapter (June 4–30, 2022, in Rome) was the aim of the US Provincial Assembly.

    “The Provincial Superior convokes a Provincial Assembly in preparation of the Regional Assembly and the General Chapter.”

    CICM General Directory, 122.4


    MISSION STATEMENT of The US Province

    As CICM missionaries of different cultures living and working together, we give witness to God’s will that all men and women be brothers and sisters in Christ. Sharing the mission of the Church, we work for the transformation of society according to the values of God’s Kingdom.

    We are committed to a missionary presence among the poor and the marginalized. Acknowledging our limited resources, we focus our efforts on the Hispanic Community. We affirm the possibility of diverse ministries in response to the needs of the local churches, and in recognition of our individual gifts and talents.

    • We will continue to serve the needs of the CICM mission worldwide through the Promotion Office
    • We will continue outreach to the non-baptized and unchurched, including in our current ministries an awareness of the evolving multi-cultural reality in the US
    • Our mission includes empowering the laity and make them missionary partners
    • We want to make use of new technology for evangelization.
    • We are open to new ways of doing mission in non-parochial ministries: hospitals, prison ministry, inter-religious dialogue, campus ministry.

    (US Provincial Assembly 2016, Arlington, Virginia).

    The US Provincial Assembly also elected the delegates and the substitutes for the 16th CICM General Chapter.

    1. Celso Tabalanza, Superior Provincial, ex-officio delegate
      a. André Kazadi, vice Provincial, ex-officio Substitute
    2. Bernard Kayimbw, elected delegate
      b. John Teguh, elected Substitute
    1. Archie Tacay, elected delegate
      c. Leoyd Sanggaria, elected substitute

    Confreres who have the right and duty to attend the General Chapter are:

    a)  by right of their office:

    1. the Superior General and his Councilors;
    2. the Superiors of the Provinces and Autonomous Districts which have at least twenty members on the date of the convocation of the Chapter;

    b)  by right of their election:

         the delegates elected by their Province or Autonomous District;

    c)  by right of an appointment:

        a maximum of three confreres whom the Superior General, with the consent of his Council, can appoint.

    CICM Constitutions, Art. 113