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    The Provincial Assembly of the CICM Province of AFA

    The Provincial Assembly of the CICM Province of AFA

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    The Afrique Australe (AFA) Provincial Assembly was convened, and the confreres defied obstacles and agendas to participate. In addition to being a moment of the challenges’ awareness and seeking paths of hope in the Province, the Assembly was a moment of reflection and preparation for the 16th CICM General Chapter, scheduled in 2023.

    The Provincial Assembly of the AFA was held at the Thabor Spiritual Center in Kananga, DR Congo,  from May 2 to 6, 2022. 45 confreres were present. Our confrere, Mgr. Félicien Ntambue Kasembe, bishop of Kabinda, facilitated the Assembly.

    Being a preparation for the 16th General Chapter, this Provincial Assembly also had the mission to elect the delegates to participate in the CICM General Chapter 2023 and their substitutes:

    • The Delegates

    1.     Jean Kanyinda, Ex Officio

    2.     Augustin Tshibangu, 1st elected Delegate

    3.     Jean-Claude Kanku, 2nd elected Delegate

    4.     François N’sapo, 3rd elected Delegate

    • The Substitutes

    1.     Degela Bureau, substitute, Ex Officio

    2.     Jean-Paul Kasengu, 1st elected Substitute

    3.     Crispin Landa, 2nd Substitute elected

    4.     Joseph Bantiyan, 3rd elected Substitute