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    The ASIA Provincial Assembly 2022

    The ASIA Provincial Assembly 2022

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    The ASIA Provincial Assembly was held at “Erema Village” Retreat & Pastoral Center, Jakarta, Indonesia, from June 28 to 30. Twenty-two delegates participated face-to-face, and 22 delegates participated online.

    Altogether 44 delegates reflected, discerned, and prepared for the 16th General Chapter. Msgr. Edgar Gacutan, bishop of Sendai (Japan), facilitate the recollection at the beginning of the Assembly.

    The ASIA Province members reflected in their respective Missionary Communities on the Memos provided by the General Government. Then, the Preparatory Committee collated the reports and presented a synthesized report on each Memo to the Assembly.

    This Provincial Assembly also had the mission to elect the delegates and their substitutes to partake in the 2023 CICM General Chapter:

    • The Delegates

    1.     Anthony Lim, Ex Officio

    2.     Antonius Hestasusilo, 1st elected Delegate

    3.     Dominique Mukonda, 2nd elected Delegate

    4.     Armando Romero, 3rd elected Delegate

    • The Substitutes

    1.     Antonius Harnoko, substitute, Ex Officio

    2.     Peter Koh, 1st elected Substitute

    3.     Ronald Magbanua, 2nd Substitute elected

    4.     Antonius Harnoko, 3rd elected Substitute